5 Questions with Tippa Irie for #Movember

This Movember we're highlighting books from our male authors that feature men and boy's stories. 

We asked Reggae pioneer, Tippa Irie, about his memoir Stick To My Roots and his story.

When did you fully step into the name Tippa Irie and what has it meant to you over the last 40 years?

40 years ago I stepped into the name Tippa Irie and it has meant the world to me as it has given me a career, made me see the world, and it has made me meet so many wonderful people along the way.

What does 'rootedness' mean to you?

'Rootedness' means Stability in my book. 

How would you describe the impact of music on your life?

Wow music is my whole world, apart from my family, music is everything it gets me through and never fails to help me in everything I'm going through.

Is there a story that made you trust in your ability to write your memoir?

To be honest it was just the push from my family and friends and management to go for it, because it was a story that needed to be told, and told by me and no one else.

How have you seen community and brotherhood develop in the UK music scene and what has been your key learning across your experience?

I don't think there has been much community brotherhood in the uk music scene. In fact I think a lot of them forget about people like me that pave the way for them to be doing what they are doing now.

If you like to learn more about Tippa's story, you can get a copy of Stick To My Roots here