Celebrate Read Caribbean Month 2024 with Jacaranda Books

June is Read Caribbean Month, a time to celebrate the rich and diverse literary heritage of the Caribbean. As part of this celebration, we are highlighting some of our incredible books.


  1. Hadriana in All My Dreams by René Depestre

Set during the vibrant Carnival in Haiti in 1938, this novel explores themes of love, mysticism, and cultural identity. It’s a magical realist tale that delves deep into the heart of Haitian folklore and history.

  1. Symona's Still Single by Lisa Bent

This contemporary novel follows Symona Brown, a Jamaican British woman navigating the complexities of love and dating in South London. It's a humorous and poignant exploration of modern relationships and self-discovery.

  1. Swimming with Fishes by Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm

Partly set in rural Jamaica, this romance novel portrays the lives of locals beyond the touristy facade, highlighting themes of love, secrets, and cultural identity.

  1. A Quick Ting On: Plantain by Rui Da Silva

This book is a delightful ode to plantain, examining its significance in Caribbean culture and cuisine. It’s a perfect read for food lovers and cultural enthusiasts alike.

  1. Living the Dream by Isabelle Dupuy

This novel tells the story of Naomi and Tom Barnes, immigrants in London. It explores their struggles and triumphs, touching on themes of identity, power dynamics, and the immigrant experience.


Celebrate Read Caribbean Month by browsing our #ReadCaribbean Collection and dive into these rich narratives, supporting the voices that bring Caribbean stories to life.