Cyrus Bozorgmehr speaks to Words of Colour

Author Cyrus Bozorgmehr has brought to light the hidden journey taken by one of the most elusive albums in music history – The Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. The story of this single copy album, years in the making, reflects on the devaluation of music, and sparks a discussion on whether music can truly be considered an art form, and if so, who should own it.

In an interview with Joy Francis, executive director of Words of Colour, Bozorgmehr briefly discusses the main topics in his new book Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, chronicling the ins and outs of the Wu-Tang Clan’s recording of this album, their endeavours to sell it and their interaction with a man quickly coined ‘America’s New Public Enemy No.1’.

Watch his interview with Joy here:

To read the full account for yourself, order Once Upon a Time in Shaolin today.