A Quick Ting On Plantain featured in Grazia Magazine

A Quick Ting On author Rui Da Silva has spoken about the health benefits of cooking with plantain in a new interview with Grazia UK. Rui's debut book is part of Magdalene Abraha's A Quick Ting On series and releases on the 31st March.

Featured in the latest issue as part of the list, "Top Swaps for a Healthier Diet," compiled by Rachel Loos, Rui offered his own top tip on making small but significant changes to our diet: swapping out roast potatoes for roast plantain.

"Plantains are much richer in fibre, vitamins A, C, B-6 and potassium than potatoes," Rui said. "Swap roast potatoes for roast green plantains, green plantains for regular potatoes and ripe plantain for sweet potato. Green and ripe plantains can be cut and cooked like potatoes. For ripe plantains, if the skin is closer to black, cook without peeling." 

His debut book, A Quick Ting On Plantain, is out February 24th. A cultural insight into the versatile fruit, the book traces the international history of Plantain, as well as delving into the contemporary issues surrounding the fruit — such as inflation, gentrification, and its social media community.

Order yours here or through your local bookshop. Also available in eBook