Togetherness in the #Twentyin2020 Gathering

Jacaranda’s Twentyin2020 scheme to publish twenty black authors was heartily celebrated at the London Library. Authors, publishers, influencers, the whole entourage of people in the ravishing world of books. 

People communed. Authors had their pictures professionally taken by Abbi before 6.30pm, which would be the time of the arrival of people that weren’t members of Jacaranda, or the 2020 authors who will have their books published, and me. 

Most snacked on twiglets in wide bowls and sipped red and white wine, then it was time for the speeches to begin. People expressed the glory of black authors getting the attention they deserve; in a world that ignores the talent of black people in all forms, whether in academia or the creative arts, or in between. Others expressed the excitement of Jacaranda partnering with Foyles to bring an old dream into a present reality.