What's Happening: April 2024 Events

Offline and online, from India to Cameroon to Kenya and Sudan, our April events calendar is a thing of dreams...you coming?

April 14th 2024 | Hist Festival at The British Library

Lady Doctors: The Untold Stories of India's First Women in Medicine by Kavitha Rao

In this special event, award-winning journalist and author Angela Saini (The Patriarchs: How Men Came to Rule) is joined by Dr Lara Thorpe (Plague Nurses, Marginality, and Fear during the Great Plague of 1665) and Kavitha Rao (Lady Doctors: The Untold Stories of India’s First Women Doctors) to explore the fascinating history of women and medicine.

From early modern plague nurses battling an uncurable disease against a backdrop of stigma and fear, to the extraordinary 19
th century Indian women who defied the odds to become professional doctors. This captivating event will draw out themes across the centuries to explore the exceptional and the everyday and open a unique window into the history of women.

April 18th 2024 | Cheche Books [Virtual]

Rinsing Mükami's Soul by Njambi McGrath

To celebrate the recent publication of her debut fiction novel, Rinsing Mükami's Soul, join the live zoom conversation with Njambi McGrath and writer, poet, performance artist Aleya Kassam.

Together, they will delve into Mükami's story pf revenge and self-discovery in a society and system that is set up against her success.

April 18th 2024 | The Africa Centre London

These Letters End in Tears by Musih Tedji Xaviere

n partnership with The Africa Centre, Chakula and AFREADA, Jacaranda Books presents the launch of debut Cameroon-set queer love story, These Letters End in Tears by Musih Tedji Xaviere.

Xaviere will be in conversation with mentor and fellow author JJ Bola, moderated by AFREADA and OtherStories founder, Nancy Adimora at The Africa Centre.

These Letters End in Tears, is a queer Cameroon-set love story that powerfully charts the different ways that love, despite all odds, can persevere after the lovers; Fatima and Bessem are separated by the tragedy of discovery in a country where same-sex relationships are punishable by law.

April 19th 2024 | Leicester Libraries

Rinsing Mükami's Soul by Njambi McGrath

Join Njambi McGrath in conversation with fellow author Frances Mensah Williams live at Leicester Central Library to discuss Rinsing Mükami's Soul.

Together they will delve into this important, funny, and gripping story of the young scholarship girl whose world is upended by sexual assault and an unwanted pregnancy, and the journey she takes from girlhood into womanhood while navigating questions about self in a society that seeks to quiet her.

April 19th 2024 | The Thwara Magazine Bookclub

Ghost Season by Fatin Abbas

From political non-fiction, to poetry, to spiritual awakenings by OG writers and brilliant newcomers — The Thawra Book Club has been delving into a wide range of interesting topics that touch on the way we as ethnic minorities navigate our places in society.

This month, we'll be reading Fatin Abbas' Ghost Season — a dynamic, beautifully orchestrated debut novel connecting five characters caught in the crosshairs of conflict on the Sudanese border.

In partnership with Jacaranda Books, we'll be offering a 30% off discount code on signed copies of the book on their site to all attendees post-purchase. Attendees will also have a fixed 30% off from the Jacaranda website for the next 6 months!