Year 9 boy raves about Ugly Dogs Don't Cry

A couple of weeks ago we received an incredible heartwarming email from the Head of English at school in Southwest London. 

DD Armstrong's Ugly Dogs Don't Cry tells the story of Kyle and Sideeq, two best friends who are beginning their first year of college in West London. 

The novel was inspired by John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men and DD's hope was to bring the themes of the modern classic and introduce them to a diverse 21st century audience. Getting this reaction from the school is exactly what we hoped for and reinforces the importance of diverse literature in schools and novels that reflect the society we live in.

DD is in the process of creating teaching materials with educators to encourage schools to use Ugly Dogs Don't Cry in the classroom as a teaching text. We invite any educator to get in contact with Jacaranda to find out how they can get this incredibly engaging novel into their school library. 

You can also buy a copy from our online bookshop!